Water supply is an essential part of travelling off road...

Where is the fine line between Authentic camping and an Oasis in the Bush?
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Water Storage and Source: unique management system of 4 sources

(with Diesel Hot Water and Second Water Tank)

Water is more valuable than most things in the bush. It has to be treated like gold. It therefore needs to be part of a carefully designed water management system. It is integral to a purpose built off road camper trailer or caravan!

You may think that the more water you can carry the better.


This is only partly true.


Water is heavy, so you only want to carry enough water that you calculate you will need (and some reserve).


The perfect scenario for minimising weight is:

  • to have dual tanks,
  • to keep your pure drinking water “pure” and the second for bore water or equivalent.
  • Without this, you will end up carrying too much water between fills.


    Our principles of water storage:

  • Dual tanks, dual water fillers, dual hoses
  • Lockable and secure water fillers
  • Separate town water or stream water inlet that can bypass the main water tank
  • Water for hot water tank to be stainless water tank/ hot water tank/ buffer tank. The tanks can be rinsed with town water if they become contaminated.
  • Can pump (potable) water out of a stream
  • Sink drains through small outlet so a drain hose can be connected if desired
  • Hand water pump on 70 litre drinking water tank (for offroad camper trailers only)

    Your typical water use pattern may be:

  • Keep the 70L water tank with good drinking water as full as possible.
  • Carry only enough water in the second 110L tank as you need from filling point to filling point (this may be bore water) – typically from 30L to full.
  • Always carry an emergency Jerry Can of water on the front.
  • Use hot shower generously when available bore water
  • “Navy wash” when bore water is limited
  • Use hot “shower” drain water for washing clothes when bore water is scarce.
  • Check water meter levels daily

    Is there hot water outside?

    YES - on our off-road camper trailers and off-road caravans you can have hot water outside. Kampers have an external shower connection accessed via the drivers door in the Delat Gullwing Front Storage Box. Karavans have Hot water available at the external kitchen sink and external shower connection at the rear tailgate.

    Is there a water filter?

    YES - with the Diesel Hot Water System but only on the cold water supply. The unit we provide has the silver eliminating bacteria system. It is only provided on the cold water so that there is sufficient water flow in the hot system for the heat exchanger to work.

  • Why is there only a manual hand pump on the 70L drinking water tank?(for camper trailers only)

    For convenience and safety. We have heard many stories of the automatic tap/water pump being left open and the water pump switch accidentally turned on. If this happens on your drinking water tank, it would be devastating to lose this water.

    Secondly, the hand pump can be easily accessed at a roadside stop without having to open the gullwing and turn the water pump on.

    Thirdly it limits wasting this water.

    How can I fill up from a local stream?

    There are 3 steps:

  • Attach a long enough hose (we recommend a 20mm hose with a small in-line foot valve) with the valve in the stream
  • Turn the water source valves to bypass the water tank and take the stream water into the pump and hot water heater.
  • Turn on the tap!

    The water pressure and flow will reduce. At a 3.5m lift, we found the pressure and water flow to be approx half that from the tank. It was still a quite acceptable 5 litres/min


    What if I suddenly discover the stream water is unclean or non-potable?

    You have to flush the hot water tank and the lines but do not have to worry about the tank. You have to flush the lines before turning the valves back to the tank to prevent backwash into the tank.

    Design for comfort in off road caravans and camper trailers


    Offroad Camper Trailers Water System

    Water Tank
    Water tank
    Water Source
    (valve selectable)

    Hand Water Pump at front of Delta Gullwing
    (where fitted)

    Main sink cold valve at mixer tap*

    Main sink hot valve at mixer tap*


    Outside tap for Hot and Cold Shower

    No of Days of storage for typical use


    (hot showers,
    washing up)


    No of Days of storage for typical use



    (hot showers,
    washing up)

    Offroad Caravans Water System

    Water Tank

    120L on the Kruiser

    Water tank

    200L on the Kruiser

    Water Source
    (valve selectable)
    Internal Sink Cold valve at mixer tap*
    Internal Sink Hot valve at mixer tap*
    External Sink Cold valve at mixer tap*

    External Sink Hot valve at mixer tap*

    Outside tap for Hot and Cold Shower
    No of Days of storage for typical use
    23/32 4 /7

    (hot showers, washing up)

    No of Days of storage for typical use
    23-32 14 /24

    (hot showers,
    washing up)

    *Galley sink mixer tap flashes hot and cold after independent valves
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