Open Research into suspension design with Off-road Caravans
Our goal is to get more Australians to experience all of Australia

Towing on long trips needs to be stress free!

This is where this research book can help. At Kimberley we have experience with suspension designs for a wide variety of off-road camper trailers and caravans. For first time buyers, understanding what may be needed is a daunting thought. To help with your research, we have spent hundreds of hours preparing specific eBooks to assist you.

Suspension Design for Off Road Caravans and Camper Trailers

Guide to Suspension Design off road caravan and camper trailer Traveling off-road to out-of-the-way places requires long distances on both highways and off-road tracks.

You have a good choice of coil or air suspension with independent trailing arms.

However, if your caravan has air-suspension, you can drive faster and more confidently on typical rough roads or corrugations, where higher sprung caravans may be reduced to a kangaroo-hopping crawl.

Is the air suspension worth it? Read this eBook to decide. 

This eBook of 28 pages includes the following topics:

  • 1. Independent Suspension Innovation in 4WDs since 1970’s
  • 2. Reliability
  • 3. Digital Age adds to Stability as well as Reliability
  • 4. The Difference with Caravans and Trailers.
  • 5. Camper Trailers and Caravans pre-2000
  • 6. Coil Springs
  • 7. Coil Springs and Stability
  • 8. Air-Springs (Air-bags)
  • 9. Premium Air-springs
  • 10. Roll Stability and overall Design
  • 11. Ride Quality and Lowest Unsprung weight
  • 12. Lowest unsprung mass of any suspension
  • 13. Air Suspension Control Systems
  • 14. Ride Height controlled Air Suspension Systems
  • 15. Changing a Wheel /Tyre without a Jack
  • 16. Driving on 3 Wheels in an Emergency
  • 17. Anti-Sway Bars
  • 18. 5 Year Warranty

With the right caravan and vehicle combination, you can travel safely anywhere and experience all of Australia. 

Download this eBook to find out more!

Download a 28 page guide on off road caravan suspension design
with focus on coil springs and air springs with ride height control