Open Research into towing stability with Off-road Caravans
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Towing on long trips needs to be stress free!

This is where this research book can help. At Kimberley we have experience with towing a wide variety of off-road camper trailers and caravans. For first time buyers , this is a daunting thought. To help with your research, we have spent hundreds of hours preparing specific eBooks to assist you.

Guide to Best Stability Towing an off-road Caravan

Guide to Best Stability towing an off-road caravan

Traveling off-road to out-of-the-way places requires as much attention on the compatibility of the vehicle to the off road caravan as it does the fundamentals of chassis and suspension design. 

We have now researched every conceivable aspect of vehicle stability when towing to get to the theory of what causes instability and what the guidelines are to manage it. This was time consuming but the results are conclusive. A comprehensive set of conclusions is included.

This Guide covers the following topics:

  1. Understanding Vehicle Stability
  2. Changing a Vehicle Manufacturer’s Suspension /Tyres
  3. The Role of Tyres in Towing Stability
  4. The Role of Suspension in Towing Stability
  5. Towing Stability Recommendations
  6. Table of Design Constraints of Vehicle to Caravan
  7. Air Suspension in the Caravan aids Towing Stability
  8. Speed and Anti-sway devices for towing stability
  9. Car-Trailer High Speed Stability Report
  10.  Lowest unsprung weight aids towing stability
  11. Changing a Wheel /Tyre without a Jack
  12. Driving on 3 Wheels in an Emergency

With the right caravan and vehicle combination, you can travel safely anywhere and experience all of Australia. 

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