Solar Panel Charging Solutions Off Road Campers

Harness the power of the sun for free power when camping offroad...

offroad camper trailer solar options Kimberley have an extensive range of solar panel charging options for your Kamper. Our range has three key photo-voltaic technologies to give you the solar panel solution that is right for your needs:

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Maximum Power Point Tracking (MMPT) Charge Controller

Most Kimberley Kamper solar panels are supplied with an MPPT Solar Charge Controller. These produce anywhere between 10-30% more power than a standard controller. This technology makes it possible to extract the maximum power available from your solar panels. We also have the controller in a separate bag so that you can place it close to your batteries - minimises current loss.

Proven Design

Kimberley have over 7 years experience with solar panel systems for camping applications. We've delivered over 2000 individual solar panels to customers throughout Australia. Our systems are punished in some of the most testing conditions on the planet - the Australian Outback! Our experience combined with feedback from our thousands of customers has helped us develop designs with the kind of power performance, light weight and compact dimensions you demand when you travel when you Live Life's Adventure in out-of-the-way places!

We also offer Solar Panel systems that are custom-designed to suit our Kamper trailers which are listed below:

25W Battery Conditioner Solar Panel

offroad camper trailer 25W  solar panel

Every Kamper that features a Delta Front Storage box is equipped with a 25W mono-crystalline solar panel securely mounted to the front lid of the box. We've added this as an insurance measure against flat batteries. The panel provides just enough power that during long periods of storage (with access to sunlight) there is enough charge going into batteries to prevent damage occuring from discharging batteries too low. Even when not in storage, the trickle charging prevents AGM batteries from sulphating when charging by a vehicle that just cant deliver the +14V at the charging plug!

Kamper Integrated Solar Panels - 180W

Kimberley Kampers off-road camper trailer with 220W super thin solar
  • 180W mono-crystalline Super Light Solar panels
  • Can be placed in a portable location.
  • Can be easily setup and the edges pegged down if windy
  • Special "J Pole" is located behind to set at virtually any angle.
  • Includes MPPT Solar Controller
  • At LAST enough power for fridge and everything else in a typical camper trailer setup!

Kamper Portable Solar Panels - 100W

offroad camper trailer 100W  solar panel
  • 2x 50W Solar panels
  • Mounted inside front lid for security
  • Includes MPPT Solar Controller and regulator
  • Includes security cable
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