Guide for Second Hand Buyers


Please note that there are SOME exceptions with special orders.

Every Kamper sold since 2005 has a warranty card with the exact shipping list printed by the factory on the card. In 2008, this card is glued inside the front cover of the Operating Manual. This allows buyers to identify Original Kimberley Equipment added as options compared to non factory options. A big advantage in buying a second hand Kimberley from a Kimberley Dealer is that they can identify what can be added and easily changed for your requirements. Customers purchasing prior years models have been told by private sellers that certain new options could be added when in fact they can’t be.  

The DELTA Models are designed so that new releases of compartment modules (fridge, pantry, cooker etc can be replaced easily with any new release). This protects your future investment and keeps your unit up-to-date.