Paint Finish & Quality

Multiple applications for lasting value...

offroad camper trailer paint finish

There are 10 applications on the body panels of a Kimberley Kamper.

Nothing preserves value better than an excellent paint job!

Our 1994 Models look like new when polished...lifting your resale value!

  • 1 coat Super etch,
  • 3 coats Primer Filler,
  • 4 top coats with acrylic urethane (Two Pack) COB,
  • 2 coats clear urethane
Standard Colours:  
offroad camper trailer silver leaf paint colour offroad camper trailer warm white colour
Honda Silver Leaf (standard and best colour for reflecting the environment and blending into bush) Warm White
Custom Colours:  
offroad camper trailer indigo blue offroad camper trailer lexus black colour

Indigo Blue

Lexus Black