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Kimberley Customer Profiles - meet some Kimberley owners

Brad Garland Bart Vanarey
brad garland off road caravan owner off-road caravan owner bart vanarey
I am Brad Garland and my home base is Tucson, Arizona. My passion is being in the outdoors, exploring and camping in remote back country areas. I purchased a Kimberley Kamper in 2006 that has greatly enhanced my remote camping experience.  I have become interested in photography over the last few years and I am enjoying the journey along the never ending path of learning more, shooting more and improving my skills. Although I may focus my lens on many different subjects, the primary motivation has been to capture my back country experience and be able to share that beauty with others". If you would like to see some of Brad's photos click here. Bart Vanarey lives in Byron Bay, NSW, Australia (just 20 minutes from the Kimberley factory in Ballina). Bart travels to central Australia every year for 2-3 months with his wife and one other couple. Before that he completed many wonderful trips all around Australia with his wife, Liz, and three young children. He has owned 4 Kimberley Kamper trailers since 1998 and purchased a Kimberley Karavan in 2010. Bart enjoys the sense of freedoom that comes from owning a Kimberley - he can go where he wants and camp where he wants.

Kimberley Written Testimonials

 Our Chassis and subframes, side panels and internal alloy construction is all manufactured from laser cut and interlocked pieces.

This is the feedback from a customer that highlights the quality of our construction:

From: Ozzie Camper Trailers []
Sent: Thursday, 12 March 2009 12:19 PM
To: 'Bruce Loxton'
Subject: Quality Feed back

 I have a comment from Michael (Surname deleted for privacy) Chassis#4889 ( man who wants the quadbike on top) He has been a partner in a large steel fabrication business for many years and has always worked in the fabrication business. 

He call me especially to tell me how impressed he was with the finish of his Kamper.

He couldn't fault anything and apart from the features of the Kamper that he knows he paid good money for, he was extremely impressed with quality of the finish.


Just thought you might want to pass this on to the team on the floor for their excellent work. 




Our Mattress is the result of several years of perfecting the simple foam mattress into a comfortable bed.

This is the feedback from a customer that highlights the comfort of the technology in this mattress:

Subject: Re: Mattress in camper


Thank you Bruce for replying so promptly, as I said they are the most comfortable “foam” mattress we have ever slept on, and as the old saying goes” you only get what you pay for”






The mattress is especially made for us. It is a dual layer with the highest density on the bottom layer and the pillow foam on the top layer.

It is bonded in a uniform welded way and is quite expensive (more the twice the cost to us compared to the old single layer mattress)

It is also treated with an antimicrobial that keeps the mattress "fresh" which is very important to anyone suffering from a reaction to mould.






From: jennifer (name withheld for privacy)
Sent: Wednesday, 8 October 2008 8:42 AM
Subject: Re: Mattress in camper


I was just wondering what was the density of the foam mattress used in the Kimberley Kampers, found it to be the most comfortable we have slept on so far.




Jenny & Neville (name withheld for privacy)

Murray Bridge SA 5253