Open Research into Off-road Camper Trailers
Our goal is to get more Australians to experience all of Australia

Fuel Cells are an new amazing technology. The technology is clean, quiet and convenient! The drawback is it is expensive.

This is where this research book can help. At Kimberley we have experience with fuel cells now for 6 years having installed and operated nearly a 100 units. For first time buyers , this is daunting technology. To help with your research, we have spent hundreds of hours preparing specific eBooks to assist you.

Essential Guide to Silent and Superlight Fuel Cells for off-road camping

essentials guide to silent and superlight fuel cells for off-road camping

With the EFOY fuel cell you can stay anywhere and experience all of Australia. When (not “if”), you find your favourite spot, you can stay as long as you like. Its your choice and not dependent on facilities.

The core question then when investigating your requirements is to ask just how much of Australia do you want to experience?

That’s great, but the price of this technology is high. Is it worth it?

There is good demand for second hand fuel cells as the warranty period is long and the technology is so reliable. So the real cost of ownership is low.

Have a read through this eBook to decide.

  • The Technology behind EFOY Fuel Cells?
  • What are the performance advantages?
  • Setup in the back of a Landcruiser for fishing trip with results.
  • How do they compare to Generators?
  • Installed in an off-road camper trailer
  • Installed in an off-road caravan

Download this eBook to see if this suits your needs. 

A High Performance Energy System is often backed up with Low Weight Fuel Cells
Download this eBook to see how we do the design!