Off-Road Camper Trailer | Weber Baby Q Cooking Option

Cook a roast, BBQ a porterhouse or bake a cake with a Weber Baby Q BBQ!

Weber-Baby-Q off road camper trailer


  • Permanently fitted Weber Baby Q for your Kimberley off-road camper trailer
  • Roast, bake or just quietly do a steak for 2.
  • Everyone is a master chef with the Baby Q.
  • Just "Slide in- Slide out" this baby on ball bearing slides, there will be a fight over who will use it!
  • Cryovac pack your roasts for the next trip, roast one day and enjoy the sliced left overs on sandwiches for the days that follow. No need to take a freezer!
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Disposable fat tray under unit makes it easy to keep clean
  • Stores Away in less than 30 seconds
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