Off-Road Camper Trailer | Super Thin Solar Panels as a portable kit

180W Super Thin Solar Panels - 20 Amp MPPT Solar Controller - Built in Wiring

Kimberley Kampers off-road camper trailer with 220W super thin solar


  • 180W Super Light Solar Panels 3mm thin.
    They comprise 2 x 90W panels that "hinge" with rings through eyelets on the side of the panels.
  • Erect on the ground anchored with tent pegs if required for maximum exposure to sun, adjustable angle for best performance, Panels are flexible.
  • Portable kit for is perfect for older Kimberley Kampers off-road camper trailers . Wiring is not built-in with retro-fit and the MPPT controller is supplied as part ofthe kit.
  • Flexible Solar panel can be folded up with camper trailer for travel so set up / pack up time is minimal. Just connect plug and charge away!
  • Supercharged Power – 20A MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) Supercharger Controller for about 30% more power for your dollar.
  • 25 Year Limited Warranty – panels comply to the Australian Standard including a warranty that the PV cell will deliver 80% of the rated output at 25 years. (see our warranty documents)
  • Solar Power: 180W (2x 90W)
    Max Current Output: 14A in midday in summer.
    (At the Kimberley factory in Ballina, middday in May, the test results charging a 12V AGM Battery @13.8V produced a maximum of 12.5 Amps )
  • Camped in the Shade?
    Just pick up the kit and move it further away (will require an extension cord if 10m cable is too short)

Watch a video HERE:

This kit includes 4 components:

  • 2 x 90W Super thin Solar panels weighing 5.2 kgs (total)
  • 20 Amp MPPT controller which can be selected for AGM or Lithium Batteries
  • 10m of wiring. As this is BEFORE the MPPT controler there is no degradation to the charging performance. Systems that have the controller positioned at the solar panels CANNOT properly charge the batteries.
  • The system folds up easily.
  • The kit can be stored on top of the gullwing pack or on the top of the bed in the rear. There are no sharp edges.

Here is what you can get from 180W of Super Light Solar with an MPPT Solar controller:

  Fridge in Kamper Other Electrical items in Kamper Fridge in rear of vehicle Total per day
Typical power consumption per day 20-40 Amp Hours 5-10 Amp Hours 20-40 Amp Hours 45-90 Amp Hours
180 W solar with 6 hours of sun with northern orientation angle With 6 hours of sun with northern orientation angle but not moving the panels during the day. 45 -60 Amp hours per day
210 Amp Hours AGM Batteries Will mean 4-6 days independence if fridges are least efficient using 90 Amp Hours per day and virtually total independence if efficient fridges are used at the total of 45 amp hours per day.
120 Amp Hours Lithium These charge 40% faster than AGM and therefore allow for faster recovery by solar when full sun is available.


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