Giving Seasoned Travellers the Best Quality Suspension for the Safest Fastest Travel

If your budget can afford better off-road performance and independence, the Kimberley Limited Edition Model is well worth looking at.

The Kimberley Limited Edition camper trailer has the suspension and the ability to take the heaviest load for a camper trailer, yet travel at good speed.

This is not because the chassis is any different to the Classic model. In fact, all the chassisies are the same construction. It is because of the hub discs and the suspension.

The serious engineers out there know that the secret to having the most robust and yet best tuned suspension is to have the lowest "unsprung weight". The combination of hub discs and air bag suspension is less than half the weight of the electric drum brakes and coli suspension.

The weight of the wheels and tyres are also an equal factor.

This is why the best touring 4WD's have the lightest weight hub discs, air bag suspension, alloy wheels and the lightest tyres for the job.

What are the advantages of having the absolute lowest "unsprung weight" in suspension?

  • Travel smoothly over corrugations
  • More control if air-borne after a tricky grid or unforseen bump
  • Better braking on difficult corners
  • Higher safer travel speed (within speed limits of course)
  • Safer braking in wet conditions
  • Adjustable height for different trailer loads (like boats or second water tanks)
  • Easier travel with swing away items on the rear like outboards and second spare wheels

Download the 2018 Brochure for Prices and specs of Limited Edition starts at $51,490**

Model eBook

off-road camper trailers Kimberley Kampers Model EBook


Kimberley's goal is to have the best price for a given specification. So we have checked this specification and price** and it is way better than the published price of any Off Road Camper Trailer to a similar Spec (as of today).
We even beat the budget camper trailer builders who use Chinese tents at this price when all their add-ons are totalled to try to meet this Spec. Go Aussie, Go Australian!!!

**This price is ex-factory in Ballina. Price Excludes Dealer & Delivery charges. Specifications and inclusiona may change. Please consult your dealer.

Option Prices shown in the Detailed Pricebook Download on the right of the panel above..

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You will get:

  • Kimberley Innovation
  • Kimberley Quality
  • Kimberley After Sales Support
  • 5 Year Chassis Warranty
  • Australian Designed and Manufactured in Ballina NSW


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