Over 1,500 Lithium Batteries installed in Camper trailers and Caravans, the most world-wide!


High Performance Electrical Design for Camper Trailers and Caravans

high performance energy systems for camper trailers and caravan“ This is all about camping, why do we need modern devices or high battery power?”

From one of our customers: “ Traveling and camping follows the 80/20 rule:
80% of the time it is great and we soak up the day and want to stay as long as we can...
20% is average so other things entertain our day inside. Take away these luxuries and those days will be dead”

High performance for this eBook is measured by high power/ low weight.
In Caravans and Camper Trailers, the lighter the weight, the easier to tow with better accessibility to the best camping spots.
The core question when investigating your requirements is to ask just how much of Australia do you want to experience and how independent do you wish to be?
High performance energy comes at a price. Is it worth it? Have a read through this eBook to decide.

A 38 Page eBook containing many chapters, here are a few of them:

  • Preamble: The Future in High Performance Energy Systems
    1. Operating a full power Air-conditioner on Batteries
    2. Why are we using more power? a 20 year trend.
    3. Performance is measured by Power to Weight
    4. Examples of Low weight Solar panels
    5. Designing a Lithium System to avoid danger
    6. Generating Power with Solar
    7. A Quick Lesson in Solar Performance?
    8. MMPT Solar Controllers are a Must!
    9. Storing the electrical energy in Batteries
    10. Design of Lithium Systems
    11. Design of Charging systems for Lithium Batteries
    12. Storing the electrical energy in Methanol - Fuel Cells
    13. Easy to use charging systems
    14. A summary of this eBook
    15. Addendum for high end Camera Users

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High Performance Energy System is measured by High Power, Low Weight.
Using Super Thin Solar, lithium Batteries, Fuel cells, Integrated together.
Download this eBook to see how we do the design!