Giving Australian Families a great Package on a New Classic offroad camper trailer

We just love young families at Kimberley. Most of us at Kimberley go camping with them and we personally know the traps and tricks needed for a great family package.

So we have had put together a special package for families.

Most importantly we have put together a special price for this package of only $41,950! ex the factory. You will need to add the dealer delivery and transport charges onto this for the final price in your State.

This will be just on 1,020 kgs tare weight. Fully loaded with the water in both tanks and all your gear, you will be under 1500kgs. This suits nearly all the SUVs and 4WD’s.



Kimberley Off-road Camper Trailers Family Package

(For a Limited Time Only)

$41,950 ex Ballina.

Add transport and dealer delivery charges for your state from your local dealer.

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best family australian off-road camper trailer .......

best australian off-road camper trailer


Our Classic Model has always offered a great set of options for an unbeatable price!
Now we've taken the standard Classic model off-road camper trailer and added some great family features and packaged it all together for an unbeatable price - only RRP $41,950! You will need to add the dealer delivery and transport charges onto this for the final price in your State.

This Australian made off-road camper trailer will be just on 1,000 kgs tare weight. Fully loaded with the water in both tanks and all your gear, you will be under 1500kgs. This suits nearly all the SUVs and 4WD’s.


This package includes:off-road-camper-trailer-large-kids-bedroom

  • Classic Kamper in White (list of standard inclusions shown at end of this page below)
  • Second Bedroom that will cater for 3 family members and it zips easily on the rear
  • Dual Water tanks with a total of nearly 190 litres capacity
  • Visiflow system for pumping from the stream or billabong for continuous hot showers by the family
  • Drawbar extension to handle most barn door 4WD and SUV
  • Aeropod storage on the front which is water and dust proof*


Plus it comes as standard with the NEW 2017:

  • Extra front pantry drawer accessible by all the family members
  • Master locking kitchen


The Classic Kamper includes:

  • One piece polyethylene liner that keeps the water and dust out because of Kimberley’s unique way of fitting the canvas between the liner and metal side and chassis.
  • Patented Delta front gullwing lid that deflects rocks and gibbers far better than any material based system.
  • Diesel hot water system which is virtually instant
  • Hot and Cold water outside on drivers side and built into kitchen draw
  • 2 Burner cooker and griller
  • Large sliding pantry
  • Large fridge slide
  • Ventilated Gullwing storage for the fridge and food with patented air filtration and circulation system
  • Vertical Pantry in stainless steel for oils, bottles and sauces
  • LED lighting in the Gullwing
  • 25W Solar panel that constr=antly trickle charges the batteries with sunlight
  • 10Amp MPPT controller which can be used for other remote solar panels that don’t have a controller up to 180W capacity. (switch system included but Anderson plug connection for remote solar and the solar are options)
  • Stainless steel master glide out kitchen. Will open and glide out on the roller bearings and locks into place.
  • Dual cutlery and plate storage
  • Dual drawer pantry system
  • Dual long storage pockets for long tongs, sharp knives out of the way from family members
  • Rear stainless steel work bench when the Kamper is closed
  • Rear access door for packing and unpacking the kamper without having to open it.
  • Dual layer Foam Queen size mattress
  • 140 Ahrs of AGM batteries
  • 10 Amp intelligent charger
  • USB outlets inside the Kamper and inside the gullwing
  • 12V outlets inside the kamper and inside the gullwing
  • 240V outlets inside the kamper and outside as well
  • 6.7m Kwik awning that is 2.2m wide (14,7sq m or roof area)
  • Front Awning over kitchen with poles and straps so it does NOT need pegs in the ground
  • Rear awning that pulls out to provide addition rear shade or wind protection while still have rear mesh window protection
  • Both mesh and canvas doors on each side.
  • 4 mesh and canvas windows all opposite in position to capture air flow
  • Hard floor covered in simulated wood finish wood
We are excited about getting more young Australian families out camping in comfort.

Off-road Camper Trailer
Classic Family Package
Specification, photos and option pricing PDF

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Delta Body Front Storage Box

See the new waterless toilet option and Toilet Suite
(Click on the images below)

Delta Gullwing Front Storage Box

This is a large 1500L aluminium storage box with three seperate storage areas. The included Fridge slide suits most 80L fridges and some 110L models. Slide out Pantry for plenty of food storage as well as cooking pots / pans and general foodstuffs.

Kwik Awning with Tropical Roof and Rear Bedroom

Cooker Slide with pantry for offroad camper trailer

Plenty of space for everyone and room to sleep 2 adults and up to 3 children

Kitchen Slide Storage

Slide out stainless steel kitchen with hot & cold water and plenty of storage space

Part of the stunning "U Shaped" kitchen, there is plenty of room for utensils, crockery and food. Compartments are especially designed to suit plates, utensils etc.

  • easy clean stainless steel construction
  • segmented compartments for dedicated storage to prevent items moving around excessively
  • cutlery drawer & long utensil drawer
  • crockery compartment
  • food / miscellaneous compartment
  • water & dust sealed

Dual 70L + 120L Water Tanks

120L water tank for offroad camper trailer

Polythylene water tank mounted at the rear of the camper trailer. Features heavy duty aluminium shield which holds it in place. (Photo shows Optional Water Tank Outlet Tap - not included)

Twin Tube Shocks& Electric Brakes

Twin Tube Shock Absorbers with electric brakes for camper trailer

Our camper trailers can be fitted with Electric Drum Brakes, Over-ride Disc Brakes or Disc Brakes with Electronic Activation.

Electric drum brakes and twin-tube shock absorbers suit this lighter weight application but we recommend Disc brakes with mono-tube shock absorbers for best off-road performance.

Diesel Hot Water System

Hot Water System for offroad camper trailer

This gives you hot & cold water in the kitchen sink and outside shower. The system is very efficient because it uses diesel and a small amount of power.

Includes the Optional Visiflow Hot Water System and enjoy endless hot water as you can pump from a stream or billabong.

Generous Layout

Offroad camper Extended Tent with Kwik Awning

Our extended tent gives you more useable floor space - enough for a small table with chairs or use the space as a quick place for the kids to sleep on shorter stays.
If you are touring around and only setting up camp for short stays, our 2.0 x 6.7m Kwik Awning is perfect for you. This can be erected with no ground poles and can be folded away with the Kamper for a quick pack up. This is the longest awning in the industry!

Second Bedroom

Classic camper trailer tent is ready with a zip for our range of quick zip-on bedrooms

The Classic has a zip sewn into the rear tent wall so that it is ready to accept one of our super quick zip-on kids bedrooms.
As shown above with optional bedroom - As shown above with optional bedroom - Plenty of room for 2-3 children. Bedroom zips on to rear of tent. Safe for kids as only acces is through rear of tent body.

Optional 5 Year Chassis Warranty

Offroad camper trailer 5 Year Chassis Warranty

Our chassis is built completely in-house and we offer an Optional 5 year warranty* on the chassis and suspension swing arms in a Kimberley.

* This warranty is transferrable to a second purchaser

140Ah AGM Batteries

AGM Batteries in offroad camper trailer

Deep Cycle AGM Batteries are very different from starting batteries. They have much thicker lead plates and are measured in Amphour capacity.

  • Absolutely maintenance free
  • no acid to check
  • no topping up with water
  • saving on maintenance costs
  • no maintenance errors

10A Battery Charger

10A battery charger
The standard charger is a 10A Multi-stage charger. There is also a 40A charger available as an option. Both are true "connect and forget" chargers. Once the charger has completed its charging cycle, it drops to a safe "float" voltage to maintain the batteries charge. It monitors charging voltage, current and time to make a truly smart decision about when to stop charging. The output of the charger is also perfect for all sensitive DC applications like computers and mobile phone chargers.

Waterless Eco-friendly Toilet Option

waterless toilet

The waterless toilet stores perfectly in the front Gullwing:

  • Up to 80 Uses
  • Has constant fan operation to accelerate composting process
  • Odour free

Waterless Eco-friendly Toilet

waterless toilet

There is an optional Toilet Suite which is larger than the normal ensuite:

  • Toilet is placed on carry base and fan exhaust connected
  • Privacy screen to shower

25W Front Mount Solar Panel & MPPT

25W solar panel keeps batteries charging when in storage
  • 25W Mono-crystalline panel
  • Mounted on top of front lid on Delta box front storage box
  • Helps keep batteries charged when in storage
  • 10A MPPT gives maximum power performance from the solar array

More than a Fridge Slide

locking off road camper trailer fridge slide

Not only is our fridge slide all alloy with ball bearing slides (locking) but also included is:

  • deep tray that contains any spills
  • fan exhaust system (patented) that extracts the heat generated by the fridge and takes new air in through a filter system.
  • 12V power outlet for the fridge

Another 1.8 sq m of storage space

tie down track for kamper

There is hidden space on top of the Kimberley Gullwing which is invaluable for families:

  • Tie down a spare tyre
  • tie down a canvas rack sak
  • carry your firewood here

The size of the Master Kitchen Preparation Area and food storage area in Drawers

Master kitchen storage in Classic Kamper
  • Shows hot and cold water plumbed into sink
  • LED light at the sink
  • Utensil storage for outside fire or BBQ plate
  • All Alloy drawers and base but stainless steel top and front.

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