Open Research into Off-road Camper Trailers

Our goal is to get more Australians to experience all of Australia

The difficulty with buying specially designed products is that you don't know what you require untill you have some experience. For first time buyers , this is a daunting task. To help with the research on specific topics, we have spent hundreds of hours preparing eBooks to assist your Open Research.

Essential Guide to Off Road Design of Camper Trailers

off road camper trailer essentials guidebookInstead of talking about our designs, we have structured this ebook around identifying the problems in off road travel first and then offering some design solutions.

These designs may not suit everyone. Researching your own personal requirements for an off road camper trailer can take time. Once someone has travelled and gained experience they get better insight into what their requirements are, but the purchase has been made!

Do you have these questions?

How much of Australia do you want to Experience?

What setting up time and packing up time would you expect?
What are the benefits and pitfalls of canvas?
How easy is it to keep dust and midges out of the camper trailer?
What is the best airflow for comfort sleeping off-road?
Essential design of Kitchen, cooking and refrigeration.

A 72 Page eBook : Sections of this Book:

  • Broad Camper trailer categories: On Road, Outback and Off Road
  • Camper Trailers are compact when travelling: What setting up time and packing up time do you want?
  • There is only canvas between you and the stars: What you need to know about the benefits and pitfalls of canvas.
  • Keeping out dust and midges: The little things that ruin a good trip
  • Airflow and comfort sleeping off-road
  • Kitchen, cooking and refrigeration
  • Matching wheels & tyres
  • What size batteries to carry?
  • The weight of adding batteries and solar
  • The weight of additional water tanks
  • Braking - how does this affect your traveling?
  • Suspension: Leaf, Coil or Air Spring?
  • Shock Absorbers: Saviour or Slave?
  • Size of the vehicle - size of the camper trailer.
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    This is not a product brochure. But discussion on design issues