With the right caravan you can stay anywhere and experience all of Australia.
When (not “if”), you find your favourite spot, you can stay as long as you like. Its your choice and not dependent on facilities.

That’s great, but the price of an off road caravan is higher than an outback van. So, is it worth it?

Have a read through this eBook to decide.

  • New Compliance for “Self Contained” RV’s and Campsites
  • Low weight is essential
  • Length and turning circle
  • Width, tracks & reversing mirrors
  • Matching wheels & tyres
  • Size of the vehicle - size of the caravan
  • What is the trend in energy use in a caravan?
  • What size batteries to design for?
  • The weight of adding batteries and solar
  • Adding the weight of additional water tanks
  • Toilet Choices for Off-road caravans
  • Dual Grey Water Tanks and Using reclaimed water
  • Braking - how does this affect size?
  • Shock Absorbers: Saviour or Slave?
  • Insulation, Airflow, 12V Air-conditioning and comfort off-road
  • Air-Suspension - a MUST HAVE?
    Changing a Wheel /Tyre without a Jack?
    And driving on only 3 wheels? Is this possible?
Third Edition
Essential guide to design of off road caravans

A 62 Page eBook containing 10 chapters, here are a few of them:

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