2017 Off-road Camper Trailer Models Range

Choose from 4 models of Offroad Camper Trailers; same chassis, body and front storage box design: different suspension, brakes, storage detail, electrical components and canvas detail


From $37,990 ex Ballina. Made in Ballina, Australia

image shows some 2017 options: 85L upright fridge, soundbar, snap close sports rack and others

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2017 Model Kimberley Kamper

No longer have to dig for that item in the chest fridge

The 85 litre upright fridge allows you to open and pluck drinks straight out. Don't worry anymore about finding "smashed eggs" after the kids have taken drinks. The top freezer section will hold that special ice cream and make ice cubes for you every day. The old concern of "loosing all the cold' in an upright is smashed with the 280W of available solar and the 200Amphr Bluetooth Lithium battery.

upright 85L fridge

A separate Freezer for quick chilling drinks or food for all the family

On the driver's side on a dedicated slide is a compact 12L freezer that will drop to -18 deg C. You can also use it as a second fridge. Pack more fifteen cans in here for immediate chilling or hold a rack of lamb and ice cream for a special dinner treat. This italian designed ABS finished freezer uses half the power that you would expect. Lift it out for day trips and pop in the back of the car. It is low profile and the only one of it's type in the market.

12L Freezer in Kimberley Kamper

Kick the billy - instant hot water and "no hands" auto dispense for a hot cuppa

This instant hot water station provides 100 deg C hot water after you place your cup underneath. Keep your bickie in one hand and just wait for the cup to fill then move it away for an auto dispense. This patented technology always returns the water in the tube to the 12V system and is certified in Europe for health and safety.

instant hot water with auto-dispense

Sunset with your favourite music streaming from a Bluetooth Soundbar

Camping and music can go hand in hand with your sunset drinks hour. If this is your style, then our soundbar will stream your music. Operating on 12V, this system has the "standby" feature to drop back to virtually no power until you are ready to stream.

bluetooth streaming soundbar in 2017 Kimberley Kamper

280W of Black Optima Solar - just the very best!

To power the devices above you need the maximum solar power with the latest technology. We have increased the maximum solar capacity to 280W. This is now the upgraded Black Optima Solar with high efficiency cells. The 280W array weighs less than 12 kgs. The base solar panel on the Gullwing lid is now a 70W Black Optima Solar panel. Inside the lid , you can store another 3 x 70W panels that fold out into a 210W array. These can be remote from the Kamper if it is in the shade. Just plug in and leave it charge. The 70W panel is now standard in 2017 in every model.

200Ahr Bluetooth controlled Lithium Battery

Step into the best available Lithium battery system with a 200Ahr battery monitored from your smartphone. This capacity is equivalent to 400Amps in AGM technology. Not only do you get the convenience of higher capacity but you get a huge weight saving of more than 120 kgs compared to the AGM equivalent. smartphone monitored lithium battery

Virtual instant hot shower at any time

This can include out patented "visiflow" system that will lift 4m of water from a stream or billabong. You can have a hot shower within minutes by simply clicking in the shower hose.

  Not all these features are included in every model but they are available as an upgrade for every model. Want to know more.... Download a new brochure and detailed pricelist by clicking here after February 8th release date. Visit a dealer in all mainland states of Australia. Find your dealer by clicking here. See it at a show in 2017 by clicking here (check with the dealer if the new model will be on display as demand is high) Visit our facebook page by clicking here or instagram page at @kkoffroad for up to date videos and product details Kimberley Team in Ballina February 5th 2017

These Specifications may change at short notice please consult your Dealer

NOTE: Prices are effective from September 1st 2016. incl. GST Excludes Dealer & Delivery charges in your state.
Consult the "Latest Kimberley OffRoad Camper Trailers Detailed Pricing Guide" for the final spec and option pricing.


2017 offroad camper trailer layout with ensuite


Other Features

Automatic Satellite TV System

offroad camper trailer multimedia

Automatic satellite dish & receiver stores on top of the Delta box front storage box. Slide out & place on the ground away from the camper trailer where it can see the open sky.

Find out more HERE

Advanced Toilet & Shower Ensuite

offroad camper trailer ensuite

This NEW ensuite slides into sail track on the storage box lid and erects easily. Great for the NEW Automated Waterless Toilet which stays connected to power when travelling and when in use.

Find out more HERE

NEW Waterless Toilet "Automatic" Upgrade

Offroad Camper Trailer automated waterless composting toilet

This upgrade provides an automatic system that turns a set number of times a day no matter where it is. It is powered from Kimberley’s 12V system and uses a minute
amount of power.

Find out more HERE


kimberley kampers off-road camper trailers detailed price guide


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