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**This price is ex-factory in Ballina. Price Excludes Dealer & Delivery charges. Specifications and inclusiona may change. Please consult your dealer.

Share our passion for free camping and travel anywhere, then research our new models. They preserve all the pleasures of camping AND bring a new-elevated level of comfort to do this with ease.


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With a Kimberley Kamper you can stay anywhere and experience all of Australia for as long as you want.

camper trailer HANDY PRICING GUIDEApart from customer service, this website is structured in four sections for visitors.

1. "Models" will give you specifictions, model prices and core selective Options

2. "110% Off-road" gives you a discussion menu on the off-road features.

3. "independence"gives you a discussion menu on the eco-friendly features integrated into a Kimberley so you can stay as long as you like in eco-friendly comfort.

4. "Research Books" gives you a list of research topics and you can download a book from each which is broad and educational.

That’s great, but the price of an Australian “off-road” camper trailer is higher than a Jayco outback or a Chinese designed one. Is it worth it?

camper trailer detailed pricebookJust like choosing your vehicle for a big trip, choosing a trailer or caravan needs research. At 18 years old, you may contemplate travelling Australia in a Mini. But with experience, a selection to give peace of mind prevails. Fun is no longer hitch hiking to a repair shop 500 ks away.

Kimberley Kamper models are structured in 2 ways:

1. Firstly they are grouped by "suspension and braking" - there is more to this and the chassis than meets the eye.

2. Secondly, they are packaged by a wide choice of options to give you more independence or comfort, away from facilities

These are the 2 feature sets that differientiate a Kimberley from a "utility camper" which are born to be inside a caravan park of facilities in perfect weather.

On this page we list the broad features that are available with a Kimberley Kamper to give you some insight into what is possible.

Then at any time, go to one of the links to "download" a pricebook and you can configure your own and select from hundreds of options from your desk at home. Our policy is "openness" on pricing and options. Our dealers can guide you with their professional experience so feel free to place a call at any time. They are all listed in the "contact" section.

Keep in mind the resale vale of a quality off-road camper trailer is generally much, much better than an outback one. The true cost of ownership for a Kimberley is lower in the long term. This is because they are built to a higher quality and hold their age very well.

So the real cost of ownership is low. Something else that many 18 yo's are yet to learn!

Enjoy your adventure, regain your youth and pleasant kamping!

Best wishes, from the Kimberley Team in Beautiful Ballina NSW

camper trailer design guide.understanding suspension design for camper trailer.understanding canvas in camper trailer.camper trailer comfort design guide.understanding sustainability and eco-friendliness in camper trailers.Design Guide for Desert Sandy Area Travel .understanding wheels and tyres to match vehicle and camper trailer.travelling with a boat and outboard with a camper trailer understanding fuel cells with caravan.optimising tyre pressures and TPMS with caravan

Designing for off-road travel to out-of-the-way places is more than an art... it is the structured science of getting so much functionality for so little weight and making it compact and durable. The core question when investigating your requirements is to ask just how much of Australia do you want to experience? “Experience” is more than just looking. It is not just soaking up the beauty of Australia, it is also sharing experiences with a touch of adventure... the fun of it!

Energy, Batteries and Water Tank level

Smart Touch Displays

smart touch display in offroad camper trailer

Best U Shaped Kitchen

Best offroad camper trailer kitchen

Essentials of dust and waterproof design

Essentials to offroad camper trailer design

Coil or Air Suspension Available

best offroad camper trailer suspension

Complete air-conditioning and quiet!

air-condition comfort in camper trailer

Waterless Toilet in Camper Trailer

waterless composting toilet


Independent "Self-Contained" Features

Self-Contained feature
Means “built in” & integrated for normal use.

Kimberley Kamper

Solar Energy to provide independent sustainable power without generator

Yes a maximum of 325W
25W on Kamper+100W Portable+ 220W on fly

AGM Battery Capacity for independent use


Fuel Cell backup when insufficient solar available

Yes has 200 hr capacity x 8 amps continuous

Diesel* Ceramic cooktop outside

Yes available as standard option

Diesel* Hot Water

Yes virtually instantaneous

Hot water recovery space* heater

Yes compact heater

Diesel* Air Heater


12V Membrane heater

Yes for under mattress

12V operated Hi-power** Air-conditioner

Only 240V Air conditioner available in Kamper 

240V air-conditioner needs generator


Tropical Roof (soft/hard shell)> thermal insulation> reduces air-conditioner time/load

Yes and automatically folds with Kamper

Dual Water Tanks (one for uncertain water)

Yes 70L and 120L

Pump from billabong bypassing tanks

Yes will lift 4m

Waterless eco Toilet

Yes for up to 80 uses

Hi-power Data Antennae

Yes approx 2 x range

Energy Management System

Yes smart touch screen

Water Management System

Yes smart touch screen

Off-Road Features

Off-road feature
Means “built in” & integrated for normal use.

Kimberley Kamper

Same width as most 4WD vehicles

and wheel track width close to selected 4WD

Similar or lesser height as most 4WD vehicles

Can view over the top of Kamper

Hot dipped galvanized flexible laser-locked chassis with 5 year transferrable warranty

Rated to 180% of ATM

Independent trailing arms giving high clearance


Coil Springs with override straps (no leaf springs)


Air-suspension with wide range adjustable height


“Limp home” Integrated compression stops for air-bags

Inside air-bags are xmas tree urethane stops

Anti-sway Bar for stability with low air pressure

Only needed with high weight (boat for example)

Mono-tube high capacity shock absorbers

Double the capacity of "twin tube" shock absorbers

Rear recovery points capable of 6,000kg recovery


Front angled deflector and stone deflecta™ shield under unit


Extended Drawbar for revolutionary reverse turn


Low Profile low-drag co-efficient for significantly reduced fuel consumption


Capable of carrying boat, outboard and folding boat trailer

Can carry all three items

Use of extra-fine Midge-proof screens on all windows and doors


Use of powered extraction vents for enhanced airflow


Integrated outside kitchen> hot/cold water & sink


Access Toilet easily for roadside stop


360 degree rotatable and rubber dampened hitch


Water resistant (water proof with right operation) to 1.2m for water crossings


Dust resistant (dust proof with right operation)


NO timber floor or used in any construction


One piece internal liner/ floor in cast poly-ethylene


Stainless steel on external finishes and used for integrated table


Matching wheels and tyres for most vehicles


Capable of up to 35 inch tyres with spares under